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Morgan Freeman Reads Rep. John Lewis’ Last Words | The Last Word | MSNBC

Who We Are

A grassroots organization working on issues of racial, social, environmental and economic justice, advocating a cause to spur change at the local, national and global level.

We are, at our core, the representation of everyday people coming together in a method of mobilization that stems from the ground up, seeking to empower others by harnessing the collective nature of citizenry, especially low income people and persons of color, within their communities to stand up and speak up about the issues that matter most to them regardless of their forum.


Is a nonpartisan legislative, policy, and humanitarian, strategy group dedicated to advancing social, racial, environmental, and economical justice in the United States.

We are organizers, supporters,
volunteers, strategists, advocates,
innovators and creatives, dedicated to
the pursuit that the voices of all are
heard, to include the voiceless, not just
in some areas, but in all.

SUSUSO invites our readers to fight for social justice and equality for all, by providing a platform for deeper understanding of the world as it is and as it could be thru conversation, discussion, public meetings, debates, performance art and the expression of effective critical thinking.

What we do

There are a number of great organizations with websites in which to surf and educate yourself on some of the plights of society….and we are no different.

We support and service as a
strategic partner for other nonprofit
organizations, coalitions, community
groups and networks on the front
line of their respective causes within
movements organized for justice
and equality.

We stand up in active participation in the fight against extremism, discrimination, abuse and violence and instead promote inclusiveness, respect, representation, and community for liberty and justice for all.

We aim to help people gain a greater
understanding of the many ways that
social injustices, discrimination, racism
and biases can operate in our world.
We provide forums where discussion is
encouraged and cultivated into action.

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Human Rights

Systemic racism
Black Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
Women's rights
Indigenous peoples rights
LGBTQ+ advocacy

Social Equality
Social Equality

Equal Pay
Fair Housing / Red Lining
Algorithmic Bias
Employment Equality

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Laws & Policies

Register to Vote

Defund Police
Gun Violence
Immigration Reform

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Global Health

Body Shaming
Mental Health
Global Health Concerns (new)

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Mother Earth

Climate Change
Global Warming
Environmental Conservation
Save Soil
Sustainable Agriculture

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Animal Rights

Laws and Rights
Animal Welfare